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Mathematica 12.2 installs extremely old CUDA Toolkit 4.2

Posted 4 months ago
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I installed Mathematica 12.2.0 and was trying CUDA. With version 12.1.1 CUDAResources-Lin64-12.1.0 was installed. Now with version 12.2.0 CUDAResources-Lin64- is installed. This is according to (linux laptop) ~/.Mathematica/Paclets/Repository/CUDAResources-Lin64-

Name -> "CUDAResources",
Version -> "",
MathematicaVersion -> "9.0.0+",
Description -> "{ToolkitVersion -> 4.2, MinimumDriver -> 270.0}",
SystemID -> 
PlatformQualifier -> "Lin64",
Extensions -> 
{"Resource", Resources -> 
{"CUDAToolkit", "ExampleData"}

While nVIDIA just launched CUDA toolkit 11.2, this toolkit 4.2 is extremely old. When can I expect an update?

6 Replies

Hi Bert

Please check the replies in this thread, it may help you.

Posted 4 months ago

Thank you. So from version 12.2.0 onwards, Wolfram does not provide a CUDA paclet anymore and is using the CUDA toolkit from nVIDIA native installation. Good news, no double installation anymore... But please provide a link to the Mathematica documentation that describes the new procedure. enter image description here

As can be seen in the image, CUDAQ[] starts downloading CUDA paclet WHY ????

Hello, I am having a very similar issue. I just purchased a new RTX 3090 GPU and I've installed the CUDAToolkit version 11.2 directly from NVIDIA on my machine. However this still won't allow me to work with CUDA in Mathematica v12.2, the calculations seemingly get stuck and I have to abort them with no error message. The CUDAInformation[] seems to fail too. Please help.

Posted 4 months ago

Hi, Please find attached a notebook that works on my Ubuntu linux laptop with native nVIDIA CUDA toolkit 11.1.1. It is not yet the latest as the nVIDIA driver 460.27.04 needed for CUDA 11.2 is not yet available for Ubuntu. Note that this notebook will download and install CUDA paclet from Wolfram. I tried many things to avoid this download, but without this paclet being installed cuda does not work. In SystemInformation[] you can find that Mathematica is using the 11.1.1 toolkit as shown below: enter image description here Kind regards, Bert

Posted 4 months ago

Hello, Same problem, downgraded to on Linux, not working on Windows... J.


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