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Bekenstein bound in the Wolfram model

Posted 6 months ago
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There have been some questions concerning the expression of the holographic principle in the Wolfram Model. I asked the question in private, and I received the following answer (I will omit names):

We've generally believed that the holographic principle is related to taking spacetime vs. branchtime projections of the multiway causal graph.

I recall some definitions from the glossary

Branchtime: The analog of spacetime, but for branchial space, and time. Branchtime is related to the continuum limit of the multiway graph.

Multiway Causal Graph: A graph giving the causal relationships between events that generate states in a multiway system from other states. Edges in the multiway graph can connect both spacelike and branchlike separated events. In a causal invariant system, the multiway causal graph factors into many isomorphic spacetime causal graphs.

Any suggestion to prove Bekenstein bound following this approach? A complete proof would be the optimal answer ;-)

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