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Block sliding down an inclined plane - Difficulty using Wolfram Alpha

Posted 1 year ago
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I would like to solve a simple Newtonian physics problem using the Wolfram Alpha platform:

There's a 5(kg) block placed on an inclined plane with an angle of 40°. The static friction coefficient is equal to 0.5, the dynamic friction coefficient is equal to 0.3, the initial speed of the object is 2(m/s) in the upwards direction. Which forces are acting upon the object? What are their values? How long does it take (in seconds) till the block momentarily stops (before it starts sliding downwards).

Tried to solve the problem using the following link, though I just could not tell which direction is regarded as positive or negative. If the object has an upwards initial speed, should I write it as +2(m/s) or -2(m/s)? Also couldn't find any information regarding the moment in which the object stops moving momentarily.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Greetings from Israel.

POSTED BY: Leonardo Oxman
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