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Back by popular demand: Write Faster Code with Wolfram Language Workshop

Posted 11 years ago
With an overwhelming response to our workshop in February, we're bringing it right back!

Write Faster Code with Wolfram Language
Virtual Workshop 2014
March 18, 1-3pm US EDT

Wolfram experts will be on hand to answer your questions about optimizing your Wolfram Language code. Also on the schedule are a speed tour of Mathematica and a presentation of the Wolfram Language running on the Raspberry Pi. We are prepared for a big crowd, with overflow seating available in the chat lounge. Plan to login a few minutes early to claim your seat.

Register and see more details on the event page.
POSTED BY: Jamie Peterson
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Yes! We have recorded all the sessions, including the Q&A, and we'll post the videos just as soon as possible. Give us just a few more days to complete this. Videos and notebooks will be available from the special event page:
POSTED BY: Jamie Peterson
Posted 11 years ago
Great!  I'm looking forward to it!
POSTED BY: Derek Hall
Posted 11 years ago
I just joined so I missed this. Any chance they are recorded and available? I checked the event page and didn't see anything.
POSTED BY: Derek Hall
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