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Products of consecutive primes in Wolfram|Alpha

Posted 2 years ago

2021 is fun because it's the product of the consecutive primes, 43 and 47.

I wrote a C program to find the products of other consecutive primes, then other twin primes. (Sadly, we won't live to see the next consecutive prime product year.) Then I realized that I've got access to Wolfram|Alpha, and I'm likely missing out on an opportunity to better learn how to use it.

Is this same type of computation possible with Wolfram|Alpha? I've found I can use queries like "primes below 100" to list a series of primes, or "list twin primes" to see twin prime pairs. But I haven't found a way to make Wolfram|Alpha multiply series of pairs from these lists.

POSTED BY: Brian McGroarty
2 Replies

Neat, thank you. That gives me a nice starting point for exploring Wolfram|Alpha further.

I've also found that the series of lesser members of twin primes is available as and Wolfram|Alpha is aware of OEIS. It can produce that list if I type "OEIS A001359." Perhaps the next thing to discover is whether Alpha has a syntax for accessing OEIS sequences in a fashion similar to the "prime" function above.

POSTED BY: Brian McGroarty
Posted 2 years ago

In WolframAlpha try

POSTED BY: Bill Nelson
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