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Matrix solver is not working?

Posted 1 month ago
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The program is the following:

It's suposed to solve the system of equations "eqns" where the variables are in "unknown" and are T1,T2,T3...T9. Then this is done for 100 diferent time marks (0-->1second). As you can see, the solver's output is the "eqns" matrix and the error msg "s not a quantified system of equations and inequalities.". The solve uses the matrix form of both "unknown" and "eqns" labeled as "unknown2" and "eqns2" but it was just a guess to make it work, this shouldn't be necesary.

All help is apreciated. thanks!

Edit: the last part with the "Do" instruction is not part of the program, just there for other purposes

Check documentation of MatrixForm and then remove it from the equations and unknowns. There might be other issues but that one is certainly a code breaker (not in the sense of cryptography).

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