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Second-Order Linear ODEs problem

Posted 11 years ago
I need a help to solve these ODE problms

Test for exactness. If exact, solve. If not, use an integrating factor to reduce to exact and solve.

y1 = x3/2 and y2 = x-1/2 are solutions of the ODE 4x2 y? - 3y = 0. Solve the IVP subject to: y(1) = -3 and y?(1) = 0.

The ODE y y = 3y?2 can be reduced to a first-order ODE with y as the independent variable, z = y?, and y? = (dz/dy)z. Reduce to first order and solve
POSTED BY: Kim London
Wolfram|Alpha Pro can distinguish whether an ODE is exact or not. Additionally, it can show the steps you'd take to solve the equation using that knowledge. For example:

If you'd like help with specific problems and learning how to solve ODEs by hand, using Wolfram|Alpha Pro is probably the best way to do this.

There are some good tutorials available for solving exact ODEs such as:
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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