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Workbench 2 - when to expect an update ?

Posted 11 years ago
Originally I posted this question on Mathematica SE, but was advised to post it here (which makes sense).

I'm considering getting Mathematica Workbench 2.
Looking at the videos on Workbench 2 and on "Profiling Mathematica code" @ 01:09 I see the current version nr 2 dates back to at least oktober 3 2007 i.e soon to be 7 years old. Maybe i'm mistaken about this but it seems a bit outdated to be such an important software. I don't find any revision history.

Is there an ongoing maintenance and if so, when will the next update be out ?
POSTED BY: Math Lind
2 Replies
From what I know, there is ongoing maintenance, but I'm not sure anyone who knows more about this stuff hangs out here on this forum or if they can say when it will be released.

My guess is that maybe someone in the sales department might know that information if it is available. You can contact them here.
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
Posted 11 years ago
@Sean Clarke: Thank you for taking time to attempt to answer such a querulous question.
                          BTW, your link seems to point to this forum.
POSTED BY: Math Lind
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