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Tutoring sessions in Wolfram/Jupyter

Posted 3 years ago

Hi there folks,

I'm new to programming and to Wolfram. I'm looking for some tutoring to get up and running using the Wolfram language generally, but also in Jupyter notebooks (ideally for rudimentary applications in data science). Sessions over zoom, or similar.

To restate; the main thing I would need from a prospective tutor would be good knowledge of how to run the language from Python/Jupyter. And English speaking.



POSTED BY: mike douglas
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Posted 3 years ago

Just curious, why Jupyter instead of Wolfram Cloud? The best experience is going to be there, where all the energy goes.

POSTED BY: Joel Klein

There is a repo for this:

A good starting point to learn WL is Wolfram U.

Hey Joel,

Somewhat of a long story.

This proposal something you are interested in?

POSTED BY: mike douglas
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