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Define solution for automated notebooks

Posted 2 months ago
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Good evening

I have tried to find a solution for some time now, but have not found an answer, so I hope that you can help. I am looking to make automated solutions for specific exam question types. I am running into a problem, however.

When using operations such as Solve[ ], the output might look something like: "x --> n". To calculate the next step using "x = n", I currently need to define this manually.

Is there any way to automatically assign x the value n found using commands like Solve[ ]?

With regards.

2 Replies

Not quite sure I understand your question. Do you want something like that?

x = x /. Solve[x^2 + a x + 1 == 0, x]

Check also this example in the documentation of Solve, which make a convenient way to substitute solutions in other formulas of code

eqns = {x^2 + y^2 == 1 && 2 x + 3 y == 4};
eqns /.Solve[eqns, {x, y}]

Thank you.

Still new to the software and this helped a lot.

Been tweaking it for the last hour or so and it works perfectly.

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