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Capitized first letter functions in Code Gallery examples

Posted 11 years ago
First of all, congratulations to the design team regarding new Very beautiful choice.

I enjoyed the new Language Galery, nice to show new users a little about WL power, and get new code ideas, the explanation are much better. But one point caught my attention. I always know as a best pratice, to use user defined functions begining with lower case, so you don't conflict with system function. More especific in Wolfram example codes, it makes all the differente, since you can fast distinct between new system functions that you don't know, and on the fly defined functions.

Maybe it would be nice to have this as standard no?
POSTED BY: Rodrigo Murta
Using uncapitalized user-defined functions is a common practice and not a bad convention for the reasons you note.  When I develop code, it is often with the aim of incorporating the functions into a package, where capitalized function names are the norm.  So I think it depends on whether you regard the examples code as one-shot or potential package material.  There's a mixture of styles in the gallery, where the code comes from a variety of sources with a variety of aims.
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