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3D videos from all Wolfram universe models

Posted 3 years ago

Completed 3d visuals from ALL models in the Registry of Notable Universe Models in April 2021

Hypergraph videos are currently archived and you can request one by email.

3d functional editor for all Hypergraph Models

Model 4735

Wolfram Model 4735 Wolfram Universe model 4735

In this article we show you how it's possible to examine the Wolfram Models in 3d video of the model and create 3d videos from the models using the applications.

First we have in beta test stage February 2021 a library of 3d videos from Wolfram Models that are created using Wolfram Engine and 3d software.

Library of new 3d videos from Wolfram Universe Models (Archived)

We are currently running automated video generation that generates new videos from Wolfram Models and would like to ask your help for feedback of the generation process.

Wolfram Model 4338
Wolfram Model 4338 Wolfram Universe Model 4338

Wolfram Model 6491
Wolfram Model 6491 Wolfram Universe Model 6491

Wolfram Model 3398
Wolfram Model 3398 Wolfram Universe Model 3398

Wolfram Model 5846
Wolfram Model 5846 Wolfram Universe Model 5846

Wolfram Model 65831
Wolfram Model 65831 Wolfram Universe Model 65831

Wolfram Model 2319
Wolfram Model 2319 Wolfram Universe Model 2319

Wolfram Model 9863
Wolfram Model 9863 Wolfram Universe Model 9863

Wolfram Model 2884
Wolfram Model 2884 Wolfram Universe Model 2884

Wolfram Model 2386
Wolfram Model 2386 Wolfram Universe Model 2386

Wolfram Model 6477
Wolfram Model 6477 Wolfram Universe Model 6477

Wolfram Model 4147
Wolfram Model 4147 Wolfram Universe Model 4147

Wolfram Model 1517
Wolfram Model 1517 Wolfram Universe Model 1517 Wolfram Universe Model 1517
Generations 1200 and 10000.

Wolfram Model 1526
Wolfram Model 1526 Wolfram Universe Model 1526 7 generation

Wolfram Model 44586
Wolfram Model 44586 Wolfram Universe Model 44586 5000 generation

Wolfram Model 29568
Wolfram Model 29568 Wolfram Universe Model 29568 46 generation

Wolfram Model 2644
Wolfram Model 2644 Wolfram Universe Model 2644 198 generation

Wolfram Model 2512
Wolfram Model 2512 Wolfram Universe Model 2512 198 generation

Wolfram Model 1793
Wolfram Model 1793
Image from Generation 5000
Wolfram Universe Model 1793 5000 generation

If you'd like to request for a model analysis, please send an email! Currently the automatic generation is not running.

Please use the 3d tool 3d functional editor for all Hypergraph Models

  1. You can search any model id from the registry
  2. Search the model in
  3. Click on the Universe 3d link with the Hypergraph ID to switch to the 3d view.
  4. See documentation in
POSTED BY: Tuomas Sorakivi
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All Wolfram models can now also be viewed as Local Multiway System with a 3d viewer. All links are updated so it's easier to see different views.

  • Videos. Video analysis and generation tools. Generation works only by sending an email and requesting specific analysis.
  • Hypergraph Explorer. 3d Hypergraph explorer with options to choose the rule ordering.
  • Hypergraph Local Multiway. 3d explorer for Local Multiway Hypergraph where the Multiway options can be chosen.
  • Explore. Javascript 3d explorer for Hypergraph with default rule ordering.

Updated the newest version of Local Multiway System.


Suominen Mika. Hypergraph Rewriting System

Wolfram Stephen. Wolfram Physics Technical documentation

POSTED BY: Tuomas Sorakivi

Updated all links to point to a new 3d Hypergraph editor and a library of hypergraph models

POSTED BY: Tuomas Sorakivi
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