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Posted 11 years ago

Can someone explain to me NDSolvePDE.
At this link, there is an example to solve pde by using MOL.  I don'n understant what  this part
ListCorrelate[{1, -2, 1}/Subscript[h, n]^2,
      U[t], {1, 2}, {Subscript[u, n - 1][t]}]

What is the meaning of 1,-2,1  and 1,2 in U

I get {1, -2, 1} this part, they are just coeff. of finite difference..

How can modify the code on that link to solve u_t=u_xx+u_x

Any help will appreciate it..
POSTED BY: selahittin cinar
3 Replies
This code is setting up finite differences that are being used. For more information on ListCorrelate, please see the documentation for the function:

1,-2,1} represents the coefficients in the finite difference formula. 
See the documentation for what the third argument does in ListCorrelate. It changes how correlation is aligned. 
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
I am sorry I forgot to add the link, I edited my question..
POSTED BY: selahittin cinar
I'm sorry. I don't understand the question. 

What is NDSolvePDE? What is the documentation you are referencing?
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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