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Cells mutation: a discrete-time Markov chain model

Posted 3 months ago
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Esposito, Alessandro. "Cooperation of Partially Transformed Clones: an Invisible Force Behind the Early Stages of Carcinogenesis."

Royal Society Open Science. 8.2 (2021): 201532.

4 Replies

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Thank you for your interest. I can't define myself as a modeller and I returned to Mathematica after a hiatus of several years. In a few months though, I have used it already for two papers :)

If you are interested in the back story of this work, you can see how it evolved on my blog.

I should say that I had no prior experience with Markov Chain models. An excellent referee during the peer-review of the manuscript advised me to use this modelling strategy. Luckily, with Mathematica, I was able to learn the basic of Markov Chain modelling in a very short time.

Posted 2 months ago

I might apply this to the rate of change of covid b15 variants and embed this in W-curve, not Z curve vizualization process , see DJCork and Steven Lembark Vizualization of RNA viruses with the W curve, Plos , 2010. Good piece of work. Congrats,

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