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Tooltips on Nodes and Edges of Graph do not work in Wolfram Player

Posted 8 months ago
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I want my iPad to run a NB deployed in the cloud in which the major functionality is a Graph with Nodes and Edges, each which should display tooltips. The tooltips are active running the NB on a desktop.

One portion of the NB displays a Dataset, which is active and functional under Wolfram Player in that I can control which rows of the Dataset are displayed. (The Dataset contains the data which is used to generate the Nodes, Edges and Tooltips for the Graph).

The Wolfram Player for the Mac works perfectly -- the tooltips function properly. (Even better, Wolfram Player for the Mac installs and performs perfectly on my MacBook Air M1, Apple's Silicon system -- functioning under Rosetta 2).

The Graphs are rendered correctly, but neither use of my finger nor an Apple Pencil touching the screen brings up a tooltip for any of the Nodes or Edges.

Is there a more appropriate WL process which will give me similar functionality when executed from the Cloud using Wolfram Player on the iPad?

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