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Function right-arrow notation in Wolfram|Alpha?

Posted 6 days ago
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I was not sure what exactly to search to find more information on this, but I'm totally lost when it comes to this notation:

right arrow function notation

with the right facing arrow. Copying the text just refers to the symbol as "function". I've seen this come up on lots of differential equation solutions (I was solving y''=-sgn(y') for this one) but I can't seem to figure out what it actually means. Is anyone able to provide a little insight into this? Thanks!

2 Replies

In this context, (x ⟼ f(x))⁽⁻¹⁾ means 'the inverse of f', that is, f⁽⁻¹⁾. It is being evaluated at c₁-ζ. The inverse of that integral is, probably, quite complicated and has no nice formula.

Thank you so much! That makes a lot more sense

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