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Using Mathematica to create lists of math exercises

Posted 11 years ago
As a math teacher in the Spanish school, I like to support my lessons with self-correcting worksheets as complementary materials, mainly as homework.

Throughout the years I have developed a huge collection of worksheets. Before my students had smartphones with the internet, they were printable MS Word files made using Visual Basic macros.

Nowadays, I mainly develop lists of interactive online exercises like

To make these compilations of exercises with the same pattern but different numbers I use Mathematica, exploiting all its simbolic and graphic potential.

You will find a different activity every time you click on it because they are, in fact, compilations of randomly generated exercises.

You can see all this stuff in my website (more than 10000 free math resources, in catalan)

Anyone else have the same interest?
POSTED BY: Gerard Romo
3 Replies

Hi guys : i have a question ,

Wolfram Problem Generator? the output is only in english language ? can i set a spanish output ?

POSTED BY: Paolo Kusanovic
I liked the page! How do you get dynamic images (made ??with Animate or Manipulate functions) on the page? I wanted for months to put that construction on my page Moodle.
Wow. Fantastico!

Love how the graphs enlarge.

Have you checked out the Wolfram Problem Generator?
POSTED BY: Peter Barendse
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