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Wrong solution for Integrate

Posted 10 years ago
Hi, I am having troubles to compute symbolic intgrals. I keep getting solutions which aren't correct. NIntegrate has no issue but I need a symbolic expression. 

Integrate[Sqrt[((1 + Sqrt[101]/      10)^2 - \) (-(1 - Sqrt[101]/10)^2 + \)]/( 2 \ \), \]
(Sqrt[-1 + 40200 \ - 10000 \^2] -  201 ArcSin[(201 - 100 \)/(20 Sqrt[101])] +  ArcTan[(1 - 20100 \)/  Sqrt[-1 + 40200 \ - 10000 \^2]])/(200 \)

Any ideas on how to solve this problem?
POSTED BY: Mafalda Dias
Posted 10 years ago
Edit your post and insert a "code box" using the "red spikey icon" at the right end of the second row of buttons. Then scrape-n-paste your Mathematica expression into the box. That will mostly keep the forum posting software from corrupting your code and make it possible for someone to suggest a solution. BUT carefully check the resulting post to make certain that the code wasn't damaged in the process and edit as necessary.
POSTED BY: Bill Simpson
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