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Getting number of people in Asutralia over 70 by Wolfram|Alpha?

Posted 3 months ago
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I'm new to Wolfram Alpha. :-)

I try to find out from Wolfram Alpha how many people in Australia are over 70. What's the best way to ask for it?

Thanks for any pointers!

ps: I tried

How many people in Australia are over 70?


How many people aged 70 and over live in Australia?

But I had no success. (70 was either interpreted as 1970 or not interpreted at all.)

2 Replies

Type into WolframAlpha

australia people aged over 70

get in details a list

add right-most values

In[1]:= Plus @@ {290839, 200586, 118000, 47000, 13000, 2000 }

Out[1]= 671425



Okay, it works a little bit different, people get older and older, so type for current data

australia age distribution 2020

to wolfram alpha, click detail and sum again

In[2]:= Plus @@ {1121000, 768904, 524011, 325222, 155069, 42247, 46708}

Out[2]= 2983161

more than a factor of 4 after fifty years.


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