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How does the updating process in the Wolfram Model work?

Posted 6 months ago
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I'm trying to understand the updating process in the Wolfram Physics Model. In the technical introduction, it says:

...we will take each step to be what is obtained by scanning the configuration of the system, and finding the largest number of non-overlapping updates that can be made ... In other words, in a single step, we update as many edges (or hyperedges) as possible, while never updating any edge more than once.


...we have used our “standard updating order”, in which each step in the overall evolution in effect includes as many non-overlapping updates as will “fit”. (In more detail, what is done is that in each overall step, relations are scanned from oldest to newest, in each case using them in an update event so long as this can be done without using any relation that has already been updated in this overall step.)

However, I find this to be still a bit too vague for someone who is trying to implement the procedure themselves. In an effort to understand the models, I have tried to implement the procedure, and am having trouble reproducing some of those rules which contain ambiguity around which relations match. Is there a more rigorous description of the updating process, perhaps in the form of pseudocode, or even an implementation?

Thank you.

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