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How to load packages on local computer when using remote kernels

Posted 10 years ago
I usually works remotely using kernels on our hpc and front-end on my local laptop. This enable me do relatively large computation within my laptop. But there is a problem when come across packages. Since I manage all the packages on my local computer, I can't just use Get["mypack.m"] when I use remote kernel, instead, I have to copy all the packages to my remote machine before Get. However, I'm constantly developing the packages and copying them back and forth between local and remote computer is quiet tedious. Are there simpler ways to deal with it, other than copying everytime? For example, can we excute the package as a notebook so that it would load to the remote kernel?

Note this is corss posted on stackexchange


It has been answered in the same post. We can setup a ftp server on local laptop and use Get on remote machaine to get the package. Or we can simply use UsingFrontEnd@NotebookEvaluate["path/to/local/mypack.m"] to evaluate the package and it will be sent to remote kernel.
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