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Hyperlinks and changing the scroll position in Wolfram Cloud documents

Posted 13 days ago
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I am having trouble with internal hyperlinks in notebooks published in Wolfram Cloud.

For example, here is a notebook containing course notes for my differential geometry course this semester:

It's a very large notebook, so I mostly try to keep the sections from earlier in the semester closed. The problem is, clicking a hyperlink that points to a cell contained in a closed section generally just jumps the scroll position to the top of the notebook (this happens in both Safari and Chrome for me). For example, try clicking the link on the word "before" in the Exponential Map section of the linked notebook.

In an ideal world, hyperlinks would actually jump the screen to the linked cell, even when it is contained in a closed group. However, this would presumably have to be done on the server, so there's nothing I can do on that front.

However, clicking such a link does open all the groups containing the linked-to cell and causes the cell to be selected. This means it is possible to (eventually) locate the cell by just scrolling around until I see the blue highlight on the cell. But this is cumbersome and frustrating.

Is there any way to force the web view to jump to the selected cell? In Mathematica itself I can do this in a very low-tech way by hitting one of the arrow buttons, since the scroll position automatically jumps to make the selection or insertion point visible whenever it changes. But this doesn't seem to be the behavior on the web.

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