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Solving the integral?

Posted 16 days ago
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The integration question contains lower incomplete gamma function as well as complete gamma function. I used the following code in Mathematica but it does not solve it. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

Integrate[(1 - (Gamma[y, 0, x * Sqrt[a/((1 - (v^2 + u^2) * a) * p)]])/Gamma[z])/(1 + a), {a, 0, Infinity}]
2 Replies

Most integrals cannot be done analytically.

Do you have any reason to believe that this integral is possible?

Posted 16 days ago

This has been given to us by our school and it gives me the final result I am looking for. It can be solved numerically, however, I need its symbolic or approximated solution. I do not know how to get its exact or approximated solution.

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