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VertexShapeFunction pattern matching

Posted 2 months ago
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I am trying to visualize a heterogeneous graph which nodes are categorical. Here is a dummy graph for implementation:

Input is

graph = UndirectedEdge @@@ {{"u0", "c1"}, {"u1", "c3"}, {"u2", "c0"}, {"u3", "c2"}, {"u4", "c1"}, {"u0", "i0"}, {"u1", "i0"}, {"u2", "i0"}, {"u3", "i1"}, {"u4", "i2"}}

And it looks like this by specifying vertex coordinates. enter image description here

I would like to customize vertex shape by using VertexShapeFunction, but I cannot make the pattern matching work, for instance, I would like to make the nodes starts with u have shape square:

Graph[graph, VertexLabels -> "Name", VertexShapeFunction -> {_?StringStartsQ["u"] -> "Square" }]

I am aware the it should be a pattern, as

CompleteGraph[5, VertexShapeFunction -> {_?EvenQ -> "Star"}, VertexSize -> 0.2]

but I don't know how to make pattern work, I tried:

Cases[{"u1", "p1"}, _?StringStartsQ[#, "u"] &]

I know StringCases and Select can easily returns the strings I want, but unfortunately, seems only Cases with pattern matching would work for VertexShapeFunction

StringCases[{"u1", "p1"}, "u" ~~ _]
Select[{"u1", "p1"}, StringStartsQ[#, "u"] &]
2 Replies

Have you tried with parentheses:

Cases[{"u1", "p1"}, _?(StringStartsQ[#, "u"] &)]
Cases[{"u1", "p1"}, _?(StringStartsQ["u"])]

Yup, exact way to do it!

enter image description here

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