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Chladni patterns Simulation

Posted 11 years ago
Hey, so I developed this code to try a simulation on chladni patterns and the wave equation of vibrating plates.

So here's my code so far

 X = 1;
 Y = 1;
 k1 = n*\[Pi]/X;
 k2 = m*\[Pi]/Y;
 k = c*\[Pi]*Sqrt[(n/X)^2 + (m/Y)^2];
 nmax = 10;
 mmax = 10;
   Sin[k1*x]*Sin[k2*y]*Cos[k * t], {n, 1, nmax}, {m, 1, mmax}], {x, -X/
    2, X/2}, {y, -Y/2, Y/2}], {t, 0, 20}]

edit: i forgot to put a value to constant "c"
now i put "c=1;" and the part of Cos[k*t] now only has values of {1;-1} somehow
The problem is that it doesn't work for t>0 somehow.
I know there's probably some bug there, but I can't see where.
POSTED BY: Igor Palha
2 Replies
You should take a look at this Demonstration: Chladni Figures

POSTED BY: Sam Carrettie
The argument of your Plot3D does not have any dependence on t.  And this may be because you have not given an argument to your Cos that is multiplying your Sin functions on their right.
POSTED BY: David Reiss
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