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Examples from doc don't work on PC; work fine on Raspi.

Posted 11 years ago
New to Mathematica but this is too weird. Many examples from the doc work correctly on my Raspberry Pi but not on the PC version of Mathematica I just downloaded.
In[1] = EntityProperties["Aircraft"]
Out[1] = EntityProperties[Aircraft]

But the doc on this page says I should get back attributes of an aircraft, and on Rapsi, on do:

In fact, most of the examples I'm trying from the doc are doing this on my PC, just returing themselves with quotes removed when I press Shift-Enter. 

What am I missing?

Thanks in adavnce!
-- D
POSTED BY: David Bethune
3 Replies
You're welcome.
I answer the easy ones ;-) 
POSTED BY: David Reiss
Thank you, David, for that remarkably quick and helpful reply. 

Have a great weekend,
-- D
POSTED BY: David Bethune
The PC version of Mathematica is not as new as the one on the Raspberry Pi.  The Raspberry Pi version is a beta version of Mathematica 10.  The PC version is currently at a released version of Mathematica 9.  The various new elements of the Wolfram Language (such as EntityProperties) are not yet available in the currently released version of Mathematica 9.
POSTED BY: David Reiss
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