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Internal self-test errors

Posted 21 days ago
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I keep running into internal self-test errors, e.g. if I use Free-form input and type "= caffeine molecule" and then click on the + to show all results. The scrollbar starts vibrating and the notebook is completely stuck. Sometimes it throws an internal self-test error with the file DXScreenGraphics.cpp. I'm running Mathematica 12.3 on Windows 10.

error messages

Posted 19 days ago

I am on Windows 10 as well and also have this problem on Mathematica 12.3 with Free-form Input / Show all results

enter image description here

Unlike you Andreas I don't get any Internal self-test errors. But as you say the front end becomes stuck. Cannot abort evaluation, close the notebook, start a new cell or do any other action. Only way out is to kill Mathematica through the Task Manager.

There is no problem on Mathematica 12.2

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