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Missing utility for language of measurement

Posted 2 months ago
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Dear team,

I am missing a crucial ingredient to the efforts in finding a universal theory for the universe.

The why - why are we doing what we do in life living in a graph like computational system.

Agents can construct different realities by applying different languages. but why would we do so. and why do we pick a particular language. my hypothesis is that the answer has to do with utility.

A simple utility function could be the answer to our language of measurement. it may also allow for different agents to derive different languages (thats why bats use ecolocation and we focus on vision as our primary sense) though having the same utility function.

I believe this is a crucial question to ask because when exploring the structure of hypergraphs or cellular automata we are already interacting with the system - or expressed differently: we are already applying our language for interpreting the structure.

Any thoughts on this?

Posted 2 months ago

There is a clear drive for efficiency in thermodynamic dispersion behind every movement, every action and every thought - at the particle and yes, at the sub particle level as well, what sets the direction for movement is the path to the longest possible cohesion of energy prior to its unavoidable dispersion. The rationale for this quest for a universal theory does not escape this rule. In other words, a deterministic explanation is we are doing this because we have no choice (despite the appearance of a choice). We are just following the one path mentioned above, the only road possible. That's it. So you are not off the mark by saying 'utility'.

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