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What program is used to write a book?

What program is used to write a text book?  I have been using nothing by Mathematica to write a text book, for several years.  Just last week I can across another math program that exports ones work into Word.  Is this what is done?  I no longer work as a professor, and have no conatacts with the outside any more, so I would appreacte any help with this matter.
POSTED BY: Jake Trexel
2 Replies
Mathematica and Computable Document Format (CDF) are perfect for textbooks and their distribution. One of the reasons is that all computations you workout in Mathematica stay live in CDF. Probably the best example is calculus book published by Pearson in CDF format - here is a link to interactive sample: Calculus: Early Transcendentals.

And here is an video of excellent talk from the author who made the CDF textbook: Publishing a CDF ebook: an Author's Perspective Download notebook

POSTED BY: Sam Carrettie
For me, LaTeX is number one to produce mathemtical documents.
POSTED BY: Mahdi Sadjadi
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