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VR UnityLink/Mathematica 12.3 unpredictable behavior.

Posted 3 months ago
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UPDATE. 06,17.21 All my woes were solved by rolling Unity back to the 2019 version available in the Unity Hub.

Wolfram 12.3 -> Unity 2019.4.29f1 to be precise.

Hello all.

First post, from a reasonably logical Wolfram and programming n00b, but with many years of VFX and cinematic VR experience, so I'm familiar with planning and precision. I've completed most of the Elementary Introductory to Wolfram Language basic course.

OK, that said, I'm finding the various Unity commands(?) in Wolfram to be both fascinating and frustrating, mostly because of slightly unpredictable, and even inconsistent behavior between the two.

Rather than get into specifics, should I just accept that UnityLink is baulky by the nature of Unity and Wolfram being separate entities that do not really co-ordinate with each other. Or should I assume the Wolfram is so complex it also shows buggy behavior and I just need to learn to live with it?

For the record, I'm planning on pushing through this to develop a solid workflow into both Unity and Web VR, because I'm pretty sure VR, and spatial visual learning is part of the future of education for adults and children.

I use a lot of professional software, and some publishers are just better than others at producing fault free software. For example, Adobe Premiere can be a nightmare for bugs, but Apple FCPX is as solid as it gets.

Are Wolfram and/or Unity Adobe or Apple in this metaphor?

Many thanks in advance, and I'm looking forward to contributing actively in the community in the future.

Unity Install 2020.3.11f1 Mathematica 12.3 OSX Catalina 10.15.7

PS. If anyone else with no experience is struggling through the examples (Spikey Rain, Wrecking Ball, Roller Ball etc), one tip I've found is to keep clicking between your Notebook and the Unity editor. When focussing on just the browser for the tutorial and the Notebook, I'd get long delays on single evaluations going to Unity. Clicking on the Unity editor generally kicked the Wolfram Notebook evaluation into gear.

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