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Run two external programs sequentialy

Posted 9 years ago
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  i have a problem.
Which is the best method to run a external program and , when the computing (of external program) is finished,  to keep on Mathematica.
In my exemple my external program is castem13.
I would like to run the first castem script (CUPOLA) and then the second castem script (camino).
Then to keep the calculation with Mathematica.

path ="C:\\Documents and Settings\\fperon\\Desktop\\Marg\\desktop PC";
Run["start /min castem13.bat CUPOLA.txt"]
Run["start /min castem13.bat camino.txt"]

thank for your help in advance

Run returns the exit status of the command. I'm not sure I understand your question. 

What do these files do? What are castem scripts? They appear to just be text files according to the file extensions. 

If these scripts write some results to a file, then you can import that file into Mathematica. 
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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