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Simplifying the conditional expression from a double integral?

Posted 4 months ago
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I am trying to calculate an integral over y on a function f of two variables f[x,y]. However, the result comes out in the form of a conditional expression. Can anyone please tell how to simplify it? My code goes like this:

w[x_] := 10^-6*Sqrt[1 + (x/(Pi*10^-12))^2]

g[x_, y_] := 1/w[x - y]^2

h[x_] = Integrate[g[x, y], {y, 0, 100*10^-6}]
Posted 4 months ago
h[x_]=Integrate[g[x, y], {y, 0, 100*10^-6},Assumptions->Element[x,Reals]]
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