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Free webinar in French: statistics and machine learning: better together

Posted 1 year ago
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Hi all! We have an upcoming Statistics and Machine Learning webinar on 8th July for our French audience. Please feel free to attend! The presentation will focus on interactive and example-driven exploration showcasing computational capabilities of the Wolfram Language in the fields of machine learning and classical statistics. This presentation demonstrates how the powerful symbolic nature of the Wolfram Language makes the handling of statistical distributions simple, how automation can play a part in making machine learning accessible and how the two fields together can allow the utilization of some powerful and flexible tools.

You can register here:

Please email us on if you have any questions!

Thank you!

POSTED BY: Idowu Badmus
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Hi Tianyi, please email me on with your request, thank you

POSTED BY: Claire Jardine
Posted 8 days ago

Thanks. Where can I download presentation notebook?

POSTED BY: Tianyi Hu
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