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Where to find cases of Wolfram language used in published academic papers?

Posted 3 months ago
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I am looking for examples of published academic papers that uses Wolfram language in any part of the research. Where and how should I look for them?

4 Replies
Posted 3 months ago

It looks like Arnoud Buzing has been making a list of them:

If you type "Mathematica" into the PubMed database of NCBI you will find many entries that reference Mathematica.


Hi Jack,
As Gustavo and Todd said, there are many articles appear nearly everyday that use Wolfram Language. Also searching Arxiv can show latest articles.

We have here on Wolfram Community many posts that are based on published scientific articles. Here are some examples

Tennis racket (Dzhanibekov) effect: torque-free rotational motion

Modeling strained human red blood cells: membrane surface curvature

Gender bias in popular movies: a computational approach

Artificial life and genes? different way to define cellular automata rules

and many more. If you keep watching "Staff Picks" group, you will definitely find old and to-come gems there

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