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[WSC21] Building Isolation and Average Shape Analysis with Image Processing

Posted 17 days ago
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enter image description here

12 Replies
Posted 17 days ago

Nice job Sidharth! The way you made the mask in order to find every building is really satisfying to see and the analysis of different areas around the world is really interesting.

Thank you so much! even i was satisfied with the masks, specially the cleaned ones!!

Wow, this was a very interesting read! I really liked the correlations you drew between buildings in different regions, and their implications.

I had a great time working with you this summer!

Thank you! The correlations did come out better than I thought they would, and it was a pleasure working with you too!!!

Posted 13 days ago

I never realized how much building shape varied from region to region; your project gives a nice way to quantify and visualize that.

I couldn't agree with you more. The diversity in building shape really astonished me as well! Though the visualization looks good, I hope on finding a method to visualise the shape better. Thank you so much!!

Posted 12 days ago

Really great work! Very interesting research!

Thank you so much!!

Posted 12 days ago

Amazing work!! This was a very interesting read. Nice Job Sidharth!

Thank you so mych Aasimm!!

Posted 12 days ago

This is great Sidharth. It was an interesting read!!

Thank you so much Veer!!

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