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[WSC21] Analogues of the THX deep note chord

Posted 10 days ago
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Spectrogram of the THX sound recreation

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It should be noted that me and my mentor are having trouble getting audio to work, this will be updated soon Edit: The sound is up now!

I can't wait for the audio to get uploaded—the THX™ vibes are off the charts! (Or spectrograms...)

Nice job Evelyn! It's cool that you could recreate the sound!

Thank you Claire

This is super cool work Evelyn! The results sound great - and I must compliment your apt use of EmbeddedService for those SoundCloud players in the cloud notebook.

I played around a bit with recreating the Deep Note sound last month, and our approaches appear to be similar (although your code and presentation is much cleaner!) I like your use of AudioChannelCombine/AudioNormalize to combine the many voices - I had used AudioOverlay instead and struggled with setting the right attenuation factor for AudioAmplify to avoid clipping.

I've included my version here in case you're interested. I also attached an MP3 of the result, since I don't have a SoundCloud account. And here are some cool links about the history and creation of the Deep Note (you may have encountered these already in your research):


That's really cool! The THX sound is really fascinating when trying to replicate all of its components, and AudioOverlay caused me so much frustration when I attempted using it. I also must say that I definitely had assistance when getting audio to work through SoundCloud, credit to my mentor Arben Kalziqi and Ahmed ElBanna.

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Woah, the project looks amazing!! Congratulations on getting it Staff picked.

Thank you so much!

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