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[WSC21] Analogues of the THX deep note chord

Posted 2 years ago
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Woah, the project looks amazing!! Congratulations on getting it Staff picked.

POSTED BY: Krishna Sidde

Thank you so much!

POSTED BY: Evelyn Di Genova

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POSTED BY: Moderation Team

This is super cool work Evelyn! The results sound great - and I must compliment your apt use of EmbeddedService for those SoundCloud players in the cloud notebook.

I played around a bit with recreating the Deep Note sound last month, and our approaches appear to be similar (although your code and presentation is much cleaner!) I like your use of AudioChannelCombine/AudioNormalize to combine the many voices - I had used AudioOverlay instead and struggled with setting the right attenuation factor for AudioAmplify to avoid clipping.

I've included my version here in case you're interested. I also attached an MP3 of the result, since I don't have a SoundCloud account. And here are some cool links about the history and creation of the Deep Note (you may have encountered these already in your research):

POSTED BY: Jesse Friedman

That's really cool! The THX sound is really fascinating when trying to replicate all of its components, and AudioOverlay caused me so much frustration when I attempted using it. I also must say that I definitely had assistance when getting audio to work through SoundCloud, credit to my mentor Arben Kalziqi and Ahmed ElBanna.

POSTED BY: Evelyn Di Genova

Nice job Evelyn! It's cool that you could recreate the sound!

POSTED BY: Claire Chen

Thank you Claire

POSTED BY: Evelyn Di Genova

I can't wait for the audio to get uploaded—the THX™ vibes are off the charts! (Or spectrograms...)

POSTED BY: Arben Kalziqi

It should be noted that me and my mentor are having trouble getting audio to work, this will be updated soon Edit: The sound is up now!

POSTED BY: Evelyn Di Genova
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