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What is bearing of A from B?

Plane A leaves same airport as B. A travels on bearing 063 for 1000 km and B travels for 800 km on bearing 153. What is bearing of A from B?
POSTED BY: Jeffrey Quinn
Posted 11 years ago
Hi Jeffrey,

In a real airplane you need to consider the location of the starting airport and other factors like wind and magnetic declination.

If you are just asking how to do a trigonometry problem in Wolfram syntax and convert from degrees to radians and whatnot, you can use a function like this:
bearing[b1_, d1_, b2_, d2_] :=
180/Pi Mod[
   ArcTan @@
    N[d2 {Cos[b2 Degree], Sin[b2 Degree]} -
      d1 {Cos[b1 Degree], Sin[b1 Degree]}], 2 Pi]
bearing[63, 1000, 153, 800]
That is the true bearing. To get the relative bearing just subtract the heading of the first plane.
POSTED BY: Michael Hale
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