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[WSC21] Commercial text-image sentiment analysis timeline

Timeline of emotions in a commercial

POSTED BY: Aryan Dawer
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Video link -
Transcript link - (just remove the iconise function, you should be good to go:)

POSTED BY: Aryan Dawer

Thx – got the video but I still see a 403 'permission denied' error when trying to access the script.

POSTED BY: Arno Bosse

I wasn't able to access the commercial video and script from your Wolfram cloud account. Would it be possible to make these available?

POSTED BY: Arno Bosse

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POSTED BY: Moderation Team

Great work Aryan. Add some statistical analysis, and you may get a good material to publish in a journal. Here is an example of a published work:

Gender bias in popular movies: a computational approach

POSTED BY: Ahmed Elbanna

Thank you! A research about common gender emotions in commercials would be interesting and I am going to include statistical analysis from about 10 Super Bowl commercials.

POSTED BY: Aryan Dawer
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