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Writing set of questions in Wolfram|Alpha?

Posted 3 months ago
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Hello, I am very new to Wolfram. I have a question I would like to ask. My father, who is a math teacher, has about 18,000 math questions on various math topics that he prepared himself. Most of the correct answers are marked. But there is no documentation on how to solve it. I thought of having Wolfram|Alpha solve these questions. And I've been a member for 1 month. I'm testing the system. My goal is to create an answer document for each question. But since I'm new I don't know how to translate the question into Wolfram Language. If I write an example question, can you guide me on how this could happen?

Sample question:

The equation P(x-2)=(x^2+1).Q(x-1)-x-1 is given. Since the remainder of the polynomial P(x) divided by (x-3) is 20, what is the remainder of the division of the polynomial Q(x) by (x-4)?

How can I write this question to Wolfram Language Notation.

Thanks for all.

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