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Using Wolfram Cloud as a Google Spreadsheet Complement/Add-On

Posted 10 years ago
It's now available a new tool in Google Spreadsheet (and Docs too) called Complement.

Companies/Developers com create a complement, that is like a Excel add-ons, and integrate it into Spreadsheet.
I imagine how usefull would be to have a Wolfram Cloud complement, so, If I have access to it, I could use Cloud Deployed Formulas inside google spreadsheet.
I could create my own Cloud Function, that does complicated calc, database connections a so on, inside Mathematica, publish is to Wolfram Cloud, and easily use it um my Google Spreadsheet.
I believe It would be great for business users.
POSTED BY: Rodrigo Murta
3 Replies

btw, its called "Add-ons" in English

POSTED BY: Peter Barendse

In portuguese too.. corrected :)

POSTED BY: Rodrigo Murta

"The Apps Script add-ons framework is currently in developer preview. Although the features necessary to build add-ons are available to everyone, only approved developers can publish their add-ons to the store. "

POSTED BY: Peter Barendse
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