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Getting the area of the gaps in this image of a spider web?

Posted 1 month ago
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enter image description here

I'm trying to find a way to calculate the area of the gaps in a sample of spider web in a ring. The web strands are very thin and difficult to segment, since there appear to be breaks in the line where the strand is very faint. The best attempt so far has been TopHat Transform. I've tried using ImageLines to approximate the strands (see attached notebook), but there are still breaks. Using MorphologicalGraph gets me to a similar place. So my question is twofold. What method would work to identify the lines, and how can I calculate the areas of the gaps in the webs?

Note: I am a beginner to the Wolfram Language, and may be missing some basic knowledge on how to do this. I've added a sample image to this post, for reference.

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