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Make an array from a convolution of two functions

Posted 14 days ago
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I made a convolution of two functions. The convolution graph is safely displayed as a graph. But how do I get the numerical value of this convolution. To make an array of samples.

3 Replies
Posted 14 days ago

Is this what you are looking for?


If that doesn't produce exactly what you are looking for then please edit your post to show exactly what the result should be and I'll see if I can match that.

It works! Many thanks, Bill.

Posted 13 days ago

If you want to extract the points that were actually used by Plot

plot = Plot[conv, {y, 0, 2*Pi}, PlotRange -> All];
points = Cases[plot, Line[p__] :> p, All];

Show[plot, ListPlot[points, PlotStyle -> Red], ImageSize -> 600]

enter image description here

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