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Derivative of the function Pattern

Posted 11 years ago
As a result of a DSolve equation, I get the following partial expression:
(2b^2 Cos[?__ ]Sin[?__ ] Pattern^((1,0) ) [?,__ ]+2b(1-bCos[?__ ])Sin[?__ ] Pattern^((1,0) ) [?,__ ])  ...

Could anybody give me a hint what that  " Pattern^((1,0) ) "  means ?
POSTED BY: Moses Tenne
2 Replies
Well, it means the first partial derivative of the function Pattern with respect to the first variable, which is probably not what was intended.

Probably this came about due to an input similar to D[Sin[?_], ?]. Since the FullForm of Sin[[ ?_] is Sin[Pattern[\[ Theta], Blank[]]] and we are asking for a derivative with respect with ?, Mathematica applies the chain rule and obtains Cos[\[ Theta]_]*Derivative[1, 0][\[ Theta], _].
POSTED BY: Ilian Gachevski
Posted 11 years ago
Thank you.  I appreciate it.
POSTED BY: Moses Tenne
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