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Reducing terms used in Shannon interpolation?

Posted 12 days ago
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Hello everyone. I have a set of weather data, wind in the East-West direction downloaded from the ECMWF. It is avaiable freely here, albeit it needs some processing.

I want to use the Shannon interpolation to obtain an analytic representation of the two-dimensional field. I have done it in the attached Mathematica code. Unfortunately, as you can see, it takes a huge number of terms to propperly reproduce the original field.

As far as I know, Shannon interpolation is quite useful since it usually needs very few terms, so, I would like to ask if anybody can suggest me a way to reduce the number of terms without having to sacrifice much of the precission.

Some time ago, a professor of mine sent me a sample code in 1D where Y=f(X) in which before using Shannon, he made two extensions of the data, one on the left side and another in the right side using BSplineFunction as

{xmin, leftY} = First@data ; (* saving data min *)
{xmax, rightY} = Last@data ;(* saving data max *)(*y=f(x)*)
dDelta = (xmax - xmin)/10 (* step *)
leftF = BSplineFunction[{{xmin, leftY}, {xmin - dDelta, 
    leftY - dDelta (rightY - leftY)/(xmax - xmin)}, {xmin - 2 dDelta, 
    0}, {xmin - 3 dDelta, 
    0}}];(* computing bspline for the left extension *)
rightF = BSplineFunction[{{xmax, rightY}, {xmax + dDelta, 
    rightY + dDelta (rightY - leftY)/(xmax - xmin)}, {xmax + 2 dDelta,
     0}, {xmax + 3 dDelta, 
    0}}]; (* computing bspline for the right extension *)

(*generating the extended data set *)

data1 = SortBy[
  Join[Table[leftF[t/4], {t, 1, 4}], data, 
   Table[rightF[t/4], {t, 1, 4}]], 
  First]; (* concatenating left extension, original data and right \
extension *)

And then putting this data1 into ifunc. Perhaps is this what I need, but I don't know how to do something similar in 2D, since I am using data where Z=f(X,Y).

Does anybody can aid me with reducing the number of terms or extending to 2D the previous code? any answer is appreciated.

Best regards.


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