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Better way to get FinancialData / CompanyData?

Posted 1 month ago
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It can take 2 to 5 minutes to get data on a company. Is there a better way then what is coded below??

With[{sec = "TTT"}, Select[
   Table[{prop, FinancialData[sec, prop]}, {prop, 
     FinancialData[sec, "Properties"]}], 
   FreeQ[#, {_, Missing["NotAvailable"] |
       HoldPattern[FinancialData[__]]}] & ]] // Grid


With[{sec = Entity["Company", "MFCIndustrial::fz786"]}, Select[
   Table[{prop, CompanyData[sec, prop]}, {prop, 
     CompanyData[sec, "Properties"]}], 
   FreeQ[#, {_, Missing["NotAvailable"] |
       HoldPattern[CompanyData[__]]}] & ]] // Grid
2 Replies
Posted 1 month ago

Retrieve all of the properties in a single call rather than a call per property. That should be faster.

props = FinancialData["TTT", "Properties"];
data = FinancialData["TTT", props];
AssociationThread[props, data] // DeleteMissing // Dataset
Posted 1 month ago

Beautiful -- Thank you Rohit, amazing, 1 sec to download, huge difference, It takes longer to scroll in the notebook than to download the whole table.

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