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Manipulate: Keyboard Interaction With a Popup Menu Control

Posted 10 years ago
I have written a Manipulate function that takes a list of text values as options for the user to select, and presents them in a PopupMenu control.

This is part of a colour selector that allows the user to select from the 256 named Web colours (which of course are not normally part of Mathematica).

It is all working fine, except that I always need to make my selection via the mouse. Once selected, I cannot quickly swap my selection with the keyboard up and down arrow keys.

Please note: in fact it partially works: If you simply use the mouse to open the menu, up and down arrow keys can be used for as long as it remains open. However, hit return or spacebar, the menu closes, and all subsequent keyboard input scrolls the notebook, not the selection. So browsing through the options quickly is a bit of a pain.

Although I know I could use a slider and a Dynamic, I would prefer to stick with the PopupMenu, as it shows the user the complete list of colours in one go.

File attached; sorry for the initial error, which I am working on.

Can anyone help on this one?

Thanks in advance,

POSTED BY: Brad Varey
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