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Display more digits in Manipulate Control Panel

Posted 9 years ago
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Manipulate[NumberForm[a, 7], {{a, 600.0000}, 600 - 0.1, 600 + 0.1, 0.0001,Appearance -> "Open"}]
How does one get the open control panel of Manipulate to display more digits/ format the display inside the control panel?
POSTED BY: Yogesh Patil
Is this the sort of thing you are interested in?  (Note that NumberForm has additional formats that allow control of the digits both to the left and right of the decimal point.)
NumberForm[a, {7, 10}], {{a, 600.0000}, 600 - 0.1, 600 + 0.1, 0.0001,
   Appearance -> "Open"}]

POSTED BY: David Reiss
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