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How to disable keyword shortcut for changing cell style.

Posted 13 days ago
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Hello dear community, I have a problem writing in a notebook in Mathematica.

I recently updated my version to the most current ( and when trying to place symbols like =,>, < or * it changes the style of the cell.

This is annoying if I am writing math code.

Can it be configured so that this does not happen? I attach screenshots when the style is changed using the symbols I mentioned above.

Kind regards.






6 Replies
Posted 13 days ago

Unlike Neil I think what Gonzalo reports is not a sign of a keyboard malfunction. Its just normal behaviour of the notebook interface.

Starting a new cell. Let the mouse hover over the + sign:

enter image description here

Click on it:

enter image description here

I have framed the keyboard shortcuts in red


You are correct. I misread the OP. Sorry.

Thanks for catching that.


Could you provide examples of valid math code that starts with "=" or ">" ? I think that those shortcuts are made under the presumption that you would never start a command with those characters.

Thanks to who have taken the time to respond.

What Hans says has clarified the matter for me. If I start a clean book writing codes it doesn't happen.

Now I have identified that the problem occurs to me after I add titles and sections, with the writing assistant palette.

Here I add an example, where I put titles and sections. Then I started writing a simple code Solve [x + 1 == 0, x] Then again when I put the = symbol it start to change the cell style..




This time I understand your issue! You said you are running v12.3.1 but your image shows you are running 12.1 instead. You must upgrade. There was a bug in 12.1 first release that when you type an = sign, it does the freeform input instead.

See this old thread with the same issue: thread



Thank you very much Neil, indeed I was wrong in the version that I said I had! Now I updated it to 12.3 and the problem no longer occurs. Again thanks.

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