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Best quality for graphics?

Posted 15 days ago
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I am an artist and generate curves (graphics) in Mathematica for further working with in other applications.

How can I get the best possible smoothness and quality (number of pixels) :

  1. Inside Mathematica itself (Number of Plotpoints?) for best smoothness. 30 or 500 Plotpoints seem not the make a difference in smoothness of the curves.

  2. Image size (number of pixels) for further processing in Photoshop and printing. The higher the number of pixels for the graphic of the curve, the better the 'quality' for me.
    Now I create a nice curve by fiddling the parameters and then click-drag the graphic to make it max size on my screen and then Save Graphic As . .

    Is there a better way (also to go bigger than my screen) to do this? I would be extremely happy if I can do the 'enlarge and save' action with a button.

  3. Which format best to use - Tiff, PDF, EPS,SVG. EPS and SVG get rasterized when I import them into Photoshop. Do EPS, SVG formats stay vector based in e.g. Adobe Illustrator? (which I do not have, so I can't try).

Thanks for any input.

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