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Wolfram Alpha app for android vs. Course Assistant

Posted 10 years ago
Hi there.
I'm about to pull the trigger on one of these apps and was wondering if the general Wolfram Alpha app can do all that the course assistant app can.
I'm about to take precalculus and noticed that there is a seperate course assistant app for it. Is it just more user friendly for precalculus than the general app, or does it actually have added features of some sorts?

If the general app can do all that the course assistance app can, might as well go forĀ  the general one. For a buck more, I can get other fields, which may come in handy later down the road.


Frugal student
POSTED BY: Amir Moore
Posted 10 years ago
Hi Amir,

Yes, the Course Assistant apps provide subsets of the results provided by the Wolfram Alpha app. The advantage is that they can save you time when doing repetitive queries, like for homework, by automatically typing parts of the query and by providing more specialized input keyboards.
POSTED BY: Michael Hale
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